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Alternative Tags And Categories On GitHub Pages Without Plugins

tl;dr I found an alternative DRY way to use tags and categories on GitHub Pages without plugins.

How To Use Tags And Categories On GitHub Pages Without Plugins

UPDATE: Alternative DRY Solution (Sep. 8, 2016)

GitHub Pages service is just awesome!

And with the jekyll integration it even get’s more awesome! :D

But there are some limitations of this big automated system:

As you may know:

  • no tag / category plugins are (currently) available.

Sad.. But that was something I really wanted to have!

So I built my own Data-Template-NoPlugin-System and it works.

After a 12 hour hackathon we (jannik and I) released

It’s an Font-Awesome-To-PNG-Online-Converter.


A friend ask me if he could see my GitHub Pages setup.

Well sure just look at my repositories

But than i noticed that it’s private for no reason - so here we go!

Switch To GitHub Pages

Today I switched from my former vps + django setup to github + jekyll aka GitHub Pages.